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    Baseball: America’s Pastime

    The quickest way to understand an American man is to understand baseball. Much like life, baseball is a team game played by individuals. The game is an equal opportunity presenter: Everyone on the field will have his turn to be a hero or goat. The ball, as the saying goes, finds everyone.

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    A passionate quest for adventure

    One country famous for setting trends in the development of technology and show business has been serving as the cradle of incredible stories and unforgettable personalities. And yet the well-known slogan of the American dream factory claims that these stories have stood the test of time and become immortal. Based on this assumption I find it hard to believe that I had to travel to a small village in Slovakia in quest for a truly compelling story. Oponice played a vital part in a story in which Americans take on a leading role.

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    Must see filming locations

    Without a shadow of doubt, the USA has one of the greatest movie industries in the world. Countless American films and TV series have reached cult status over the years. Something remains intact even after the cameras are turned off. Filming locations provide us with a unique opportunity to get closer to our beloved characters and be one of them, at least for a few minutes. Let‘s imagine walking down the same street, sitting on the same bench in the park and staring at the same house as former heroes from successful movies. The fact that these movies were shot at existing locations makes them even more special from the…

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    Get your kicks on Route Sixty-Six

    Endless road as far as the eye can see!  You feel the wind blowing in your hair. Your hands are fixed on the wheel and there is a smile on your lips. The one and only sign that showcases your current state of happiness. Every adventure seeker is very well aware of the fact that Route 66 is the perfect road destination. Let’s embark on a journey on a one-of-a-kind freeway without any expectations or plans. Do not forget to pack some spare digital camera batteries equipped with a lot of storage space.

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