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Must see filming locations

Without a shadow of doubt, the USA has one of the greatest movie industries in the world. Countless American films and TV series have reached cult status over the years. Something remains intact even after the cameras are turned off. Filming locations provide us with a unique opportunity to get closer to our beloved characters and be one of them, at least for a few minutes. Let‘s imagine walking down the same street, sitting on the same bench in the park and staring at the same house as former heroes from successful movies. The fact that these movies were shot at existing locations makes them even more special from the spectator’s point of view.

Sex and the City
Who wouldn’t know the whimsical but sexy Carrie Bradshaw from the TV series Sex and the City? Any women who decide to visit New York should aim for 73rd Street, which is located between the Park and Madison. Even though this is the official address, you should go a little farther, because the shooting was moved to the 66 Perry Street due to intense fan interest. Don’t be afraid to relive the magical movie moments right here, on the spot!


A Nightmare on Elm Street
Fans of horror are in awe every time “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is mentioned. There is a house in Los Angeles, where Freddy Krueger began his killing spree. What is more, the scene of these evil deeds is currently inhabited. Well, it takes courage to live in the house which witnessed so many gruesome murders even if the blood used was fake. Any visitor has the opportunity to take pictures because this location is included on the Hollywood Movie Tour list. On 1st March 2013, the house was sold, along with its modernist circular doorways, one bedroom guesthouse and a pool, for $2,100,000. The property was built in 1919 and has a lot of size, being 6,747 square feet. The previous owner cashed in quite well, due to the fact that the last time “Nightmare” was sold it cost a mere $1,150,000 on 14th November 2006.


The Shining
Come and experience real fear in the hotel which served as the only location for the shooting of “The Shining”, a thrilling horror story based on the Stephen King novel and supported by the magnificent acting of Jack Nicholson. The filming location functions as a real hotel, so it provides visitors with accommodation. It is located about sixty miles east of Portland in Oregon.  Surrounded by mountains, it is known by the name Timberline Lodge. Just imagine going to the reception to order a drink. There are certain rooms which have never been opened before, according to reports, for those that don’t feel fear.


Home Alone
What can be said about one of the most famous houses and films in American cinematography? The McCallister house is full of the unexpected dangers the movie character boy had to undergo to survive invading robbers. It is located in the suburbs of Chicago, at 671 Lincoln Avenue. When the house was built in 1988, it cost less than 900 thousand dollars, but eventually it was sold for more 2.4 million. The house is promoted as a tourist attraction and I can’t imagine what a joy it would be to live in. Who would miss the opportunity to feel like a movie star home alone? The house and the streets are charged with a movie-like atmosphere. Walking down the streets just like Kevin, chased by robbers, we feel like we are wandering around in an amusement park.


Ennis House
This is clearly one of the most beautifully constructed filming locations in the history of American cinematography. A building that is steeped in history, the Ennis House was initially built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1924. Both the name and the design bear strong resemblance to Mayan style and culture. After making headlines in the advertising industry, the building became prominent in the movie industry as well. It was featured in films such as “Blade Runner” (1982), “House on the Haunted Hill” (1999), “The Day of the Locust” and many others. In 2009, it was announced that the house was being offered on market for the asking price of 15 million dollars, but later it was reduced to the half of that. The Ennis house, located on 2633 Glendower Avenue, Los Angeles in California, is a must-see for everybody!

Mark Mittas
Drawings: Philip Fritz
Photo: Dreamstime