From New York to New York

Big Apple – this is how this famous city with its vibrant nature is nicknamed. New York, commonly regarded as the pinnacle of the US, serves also as a starting point for new adventures. Experience New York to its fullest, but leave its boundaries and see something different. Enriched by experiences and tastes you may become aware of the fact that east or west, New York is best isn’t it?

Take the train

There are several ways to travel the US. Residents and travellers often opt for travelling by plane, however, it is worth considering a good old Ford or an ecstatic ride on a motorcycle. To enhale the atmosphere of American roads with the wind in your hair, just for the fun of it. On the other hand, it would be wrong to underestimate rail transport. It has a long-standing tradition in the US and you can even comfortably get to San Francisco from the main station in New York. Truly across the whole country. Not to mention the benefits of travelling by train in relation to getting to know the landscape just like the conquerors did. Train connections often lead us through the most famous sights or natural wonders. To places such as Hollywood, Boston or Chicago. Be prepared that it will not be a journey for hours, but for weeks, however, you will have the chance to become familiar with the US better than the natives do. The main train station in New York serrves as crossroads where the real life of the travellers begins.


To leave out the capital city of your travel itinerary in any country is an unforgivable sin, but in case of Washington, it is simply unthinkable. One cannot have an excuse not to visit the city as the connection between New York and Washington is frequent and easily accessible. The White House, the Capitol, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial are the city symbols . One of its standout characteristics is the complete lack of skyscrapers. No building can be higher than the Capitol. U.S. city, even a U.S. capitol citywithout skyscrapers? This the reason why you should definitely visit it.

San Antonio

The third most populated city in Texas. Texas itself is deeply routed in the traditional culture of coveted cowboys despite the fact that it is a modern city now. However, the fighting spirit has not vanished from the city as it hosts the largest base of American airforce Lackland Air Force Base. The lovers of historic battles will be familiar with The Alamo which serves as a memorial to the Americans fighting for Texas.

Las Vegas

It would be a great mistake to miss out on the city of slot machines, casinos and entertainment. Rumour has it that you can experience everything in Las Vegas from Venice, through pyramids to the celebrities and dancers who have their own shows. Not to mention magic shows and star-studded productions. In short, no one is insignificant here. Here you can meet American icons as well as celebrities from all over the world. For some people it is nothing more than a kitsch, for some a place where life expresses itself at its fullest. You should definitely pay a visit to the casinos of such importance that passing through is the jackpot itself. Beting is a small orgasm in itself irrespective of the win or loss. One thing is for sure – you will not leave here empty-handed.

San Francisco

You can spend a day, a week or even a lifetime in this city. San Francisco is the central city of California with everything that goes with this title. The original inhabitants settled here some 10 000 years ago and the Spaniards favoured this place above everything. Few people are aware of the fact that Jack London was born here in 1876. The infamous island of Alcatraz constitutes an integral part of the city itself. Here you can find the prison from which there was no escape. The Golden Gate panorama at sunset is a must-see for every visitor to this magical city.

Yellowstone National National Park

The US National Park spans an area of 8 980 square kilometers. Among other spectacular sights it is well-known for its geysers and other geothermal objects. It seems that the Earth comes alive here. At the same time it creates perfect environment for wolves, bear grizzles with the pontential to become the icons of the US, bison and elk. It is more than obvious that all the beauties of the park cannot be visited, however, the experienced guides are commited to guide the tourists through the most important venues from which they can take the most out of and retain the ever changing natural originality of the place at the same time.


This city is heralded as the most American city of all the cities in the country. If you wish to experience the real life under the fifty-star flag, this is the place to do so. We are talking about the third largest city in the US, so it can be quite easy to get lost among a host of adventures, experiences and American tastes. And then let‘s head back to New York and assess how you managed to grasp all the vibes offered by the US while crossing the continent.

Mark Mittas
Photos: Pixabay, Adam Alexanders /Choose Chicago, Visit San Antonio/Press, Dreamstime