How did America get under my skin?

America really got under my skin and it didn’t change ever since. You squatted somewhere within me to later find a way into my main artery through which you smuggled into my mind. Intoxicated it that neither a surgery nor chemo could remove it. You remained settled and grew like a disease in final stage. But you had one good feature, you were not deadly.

America was my love at first sight. Not that much unpredictable as the first emotional flare. The impulse was neither a spark or amazement of already known sights – The Statue of Liberty, The Hollywood’s Walk of Fame or The Hollywood sign above Los Angeles. It was a careful beginning of a relationship getting stronger with time and not weakening at all.

It is worth to experience America

I am surprised how many people around me present themselves with their “astronomic“ number of destinations they have visited. From European countries, through exotic destinations in Asia, Middle East or South America. As soon as I mention in my conversation The United States, I somehow notice a flash of negative attitude. People’s faces develop doubtful grin while I listen to the typical: „We are not so interested in visiting the US, we have never been there.“, meaning this young lady wasn’t given a chance, despite never having been met. In the past I was like them. I too have shown respect for America.

Therefore, I have in cooperation with other America-enthusiasts, mostly wonderful friends decided to introduce America and possibilities it offers. I believe that we will succeed in helping change your view on this interesting and diverse country.


The most significant impulse which programmed me and encouraged me to travel was actually my fear. I admit it sounds a bit strange, but it is true. Despite being a grownup man I decided to visit The States for the first time and I was truly scared. I didn’t speak English very well, had collected basic information about the country, in addition lot of “verified and valuable delusions” from lifestyle experts who got their knowledge from action movies. And so the only thing I could do was to jump into the deep and wait what happens next. But mainly – I had a strong desire to travel. And there was this random chance to visit Louisville (Kentucky) as a journalist. Hence, I have decided to overcome my fear. (And let me share something else about me, I suffer from flight fear.)

Travel fact 1

Travel even if you feel scared at the beginning. Overcome it and step out from your comfort zone.

New acquaintance

My fear first appeared right at the airport, when I suddenly got alone, without any help. Only me and my fear – thrown out of my comfort zone. At last I threw away all the catastrophic scenarios in my mind and headed towards the Vienna International Airport’s security check. After my first flight from Vienna I have landed in Frankfurt for transit and my connecting 10hour flight to Chicago.

The giant Boeing 747 operated by Lufthansa was getting ready for takeoff, and after all I came to terms with my big trip. After having boarded I sat down in my allocated seat, enjoyed the take off and watched my surroundings, my co-passengers and wondered how boring and lonely the hours ahead of me are going to be.

But luckily I had a pleasant company, a young lady, history professor from Bulgaria, (my apologies, I forgot her name) who was travelling to Cincinnati (Ohio) for work. Our talk developed into a long conversation which stopped in Chicago. I am very grateful for her advisory with all traditional procedures upon landing in the USA. Security control, luggage drop off, transfer to domestic flights terminal. I managed all with her kind help.

Travel fact 2

Get to know new people during your travel, they will enrich you with new and interesting experiences.