Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Publishing, s.r.o., Žitava 1625/26, 952 01 Vráble, IČO: 35 975 989, Registered: Oddiel Sro, Vložka number 17621/N processes in your interest of services under the act of law number 18/2018 Z. z. about the privacy policy, following personal information:

  • Name and Surname
  • Email address

Name, Surname and email address is necessary to provide for processing of an services provided or for the purpose of the answers for your enquiries. This process allows Law number 18/2018 Z. z. about the privacy policy. This personal information will be processed by firm Publishing, s.r.o. by limited time until closure of the contract between you and the Publishing s.r.o. from your request, longest for a year, until you dont agree for an extension.

Processor of the personal data and information is done by firm Publishing, s.r.o., these informations are allowed to be processed also by other software providers, services and applications, which are not being used by the company at the present.

Please take into consideration, that accordingly to the law you have a right to:

  • to request an information, which we are processing, to request an explanation about the processing
  • to request an access to these informations, and to allow them to be updated or corrected
  • to request a cancellation of your information, which you have provided to us. The result of this, will have an impact to an end of the contract
  • in case of a doubt of keeping your information in confidentiality related to your information, please refer to us or to an office  for Privacy Policy